Caring for your Aquaflite wetsuit

Wetsuits are made of a combination neoprene rubber and nylon. The nylon is a thin layer which is laminated to the neoprene. Extended exposure to the sun’s rays and or chemicals, such as chlorine, can degrade (harden) the neoprene. The exposure and chemicals can also breakdown the bonding agent which secures the nylon to the neoprene, and also cause the colors to fade. When not in use, it is best to keep the suit out of the sun.

To insure long life of your suit rinse it in fresh water after each use (if possible) and hang to dry away from direct sunlight. Once you’ve returned home, wash the suit in cool or warm water with a wetsuit cleaning agent.  Baking soda is also very effective. Simply add 2 cups to the water, circulate the suit so that it is fully exposed to the baking soda, let it sit for a while and then rinse it off.  A wide hanger, such as the Shoulder Saver, will enable the suit to dry quicker and help to prevent wrinkles. When taking the suit from place to ,rolling it up, whether wet or dry, will also prevent wrinkles.


The seams and zippers have a 3 year warranty from breakage. Such repairs are free of charge(does not include shipping). Please call us if repairs are needed and we will provide shipping instructions. Charges for repairs not covered under warranty will be very reasonable.